ALFA Celebrations

 Our last Celebration was at the Cotswold Community Centre, Dursley Road, Shirehampton on Saturday 27th April at 2pm followed by refreshments and garden activities at Fulligrove House (a very short walk from the Community Centre).

The theme was "Fruit" - the fruit of the Holy Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control and the fruit growing in our garden.  One of the activity sheets was pictures of fruit tree/bush leaves and people tried to locate them and identify the fruit growing there.  Another was to spot stones with the names of the fruit of the Spirit.

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  A Harvest Celebration at the Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0DE

 The theme was "Thankfulness" and our Footprints group acted the story of the 10 people suffering from leprosy whom Jesus healed - but only one returned to thank him.  We tasted honey and filled lavender bags.  Here is a rainbow presentation of some of the harvest from the Fulligrove House garden.

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