The charitable purposes of the ALFA CC Charity are:

  1. To relieve those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability (especially, but not exclusively, those with learning difficulties), financial hardship or other disadvantage; and
  2. To advance the Christian faith.

In order to do these we have established a caring, worshipping Christian community which is able to provide a respite home for adults with disabilities.  We also provide a daytime setting in which adults with disabilities are helped to have a full and good life, in particular by supporting them to work in a way that helps other people e.g. in the Lunch Club, woodwork training and gardening training.  We value each person and aim to be a supportive group for each other. 

Fulligrove House is also a base for hospitality and offers an outdoor space for prayer, reflection and appreciation of the natural world as part of the Quiet Garden Movement.